About Me


Visit iacp.ie for a list of accredited counsellors and psychotherapists. Thank you.

My name is Eugene Cleary. I am a psychologist and psychotherapist and I am currently offering psychotherapy and counselling in Castletroy, Limerick.

I am an accredited member of the Irish Association for Counselling and Psychotherapy (MIACP). I am fully insured to practice as a psychotherapist and counsellor.

I have a Masters Degree in Psychology, a Bachelors Degree in Psychology, and a Diploma in Counselling and Psychotherapy.

I am trained in and have experience in many different types of therapy, including Humanistic, Person-Centred, CBT (Cognitive-Behavioural Therapy), Existential Therapy, REBT (Rational Emotive Behaviour Therapy), Reality Therapy, Positive Psychology and Motivational Interviewing.

“We don’t see things as they are. We see them as we are.” Anais Nin

“Change your thoughts and you change the world.” Norman Vincent Peale

All of this is very important and useful. But really the most important attribute I have is a deep and abiding interest in meeting people one-to-one and helping them to help themselves. If you are visiting this website, you, or someone you know, may have an interest in or a need for therapy. There could be many reasons for this. Maybe you have an issue or a number of issues that are troubling you or causing you distress. Perhaps you are experiencing a crisis. Or you could just be feeling a general sense of discontent and unease that’s more difficult to describe. Some common issues that people bring to therapy include depression, low-mood, relationship issues, anxiety and grief. I have a particular interest in, and extensive experience of, alcoholism and other addictions.

“The curious paradox is that when I accept myself just as I am, then I can change.” Carl Rogers

“The secret of getting ahead is getting started.” Mark Twain

Whatever brings you, I aim to provide a safe, secure and confidential environment where we can explore what’s relevant to you and at your own pace. If you decide to engage me as your therapist, I can assure you that I will provide a most sincere, empathetic and deep attention to you and will do all I can to help you.